When is the Best Time for Commercial Construction Projects?

While there certainly are advantages to starting commercial construction projects while temperatures are moderate, many projects can any time of the year, especially if they are primarily indoors. The best time of year for a construction project depends entirely on your business’s individual needs. If you have a seasonally slow period, this may be the ideal time for a project!

However, there are some general advantages and disadvantages to starting your commercial construction project in each season.

Summer construction

Summer can be an excellent time for commercial site managers to complete property projects. Since storms are unlikely, property managers may not have as many weather-related delays as in fall and winter months.

However, just because it’s sunny doesn’t mean you won’t experience other delays. It’s common for the project permit approval process to become backed up after the heavy construction in the spring. Additionally, your contractor may have more difficulty finding key materials or available subcontractors during the summer.

Who should do construction in the summer?

If summer is your slow season or you want your retail site finished before the holidays, summer may be the best time to start a construction project.

If your project is entirely indoors, the weather won’t a big factor, and the benefits of summer may be outweighed by the negatives.

 Fall construction projectFall construction

Fall is often the ideal season to start a construction project if you want to secure the best possible builders and keep costs down. Since there isn’t as much demand, contractors and subcontractors often have more flexible schedules leading to fewer delays. Additionally, you may be able to secure the required permits fairly quickly.

Projects that begin in the fall may extend into winter, though. This means the construction project may be subject to weather-related delays.

Who should do construction in the fall?

If your contractor or builder of choice is in high demand, fall may be the best time to secure their assistance. Fall and winter are often ideal times for Indoor projects, as the weather won’t delay progress and for many businesses foot traffic is reduced.

Winter construction

While winter is the worst time to do any outdoor work, there are some lesser-known advantages to starting a construction project during these months. As in the fall, builders and subcontractors have more availability. You can choose the best team to meet your needs rather than just whoever has room in their schedule. Permit approvals come quickly, leading to fewer delays.

The downside is that you will be planning around challenging weather conditions if your project involves exterior construction. You may need temporary enclosures, cover, heat, and perhaps even snow removal that you wouldn’t have had during warmer months. This season also brings a higher chance of weather-related schedule slow-downs.

Who should do construction in the winter?

Like fall, winter is a good time for people who want to secure the best contractors and builders. Winter also allows you to get a head start on planning if you want to do the actual construction work in spring. If your business experiences more traffic in the warmer months, starting in the winter can get you a head start.

Spring construction

Spring construction projectApril showers bring May flowers… and months of construction-friendly weather. There’s a reason this is the most popular season for construction both interior and exterior. Projects that extend past spring will likely be completed in the summer, which also has favorable weather in many parts of the Pacific Northwest. Spring also may be a good season for people who want to avoid construction during both the summer and winter holidays.

Since this is the most popular season for commercial construction, it may be challenging to secure your builder of choice unless you plan ahead. You may also experience delays on permit approvals, especially later in the season.

Who should do construction in the spring?

If your primary concern is the weather, spring is generally the best possible season to do construction work. You’ll avoid the extra work of keeping sites protected from winter weather as well as the heat and smoke of the summer.

You don’t need to wait to start your commercial construction project. There are advantages and disadvantages to every season, and projects can be done at any time of the year.

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