How to Find a Commercial Contractor

Looking to hire a commercial contractor to make tenant improvements? With so many options available, it’s important to make sure you find the right contractor who can support your construction needs professionally and efficiently while keeping open and honest communication.

The key to finding a great commercial contractor is knowing the right questions to ask and qualifications to look for, instead of making a decision based off of the lowest price available.

Here are our best tips to help you find a commercial contractor that suits your needs.

Have a Space and Goal in Mind

Commercial spaceFirst and foremost, it is important that you really know the space you are looking to renovate, and what your needs are.

Knowing the unique features of the space and of the type of work you need will help you better understand if a contractor is qualified to perform the work.

When talking to potential contractors, ask for examples of similar projects to help you determine if they’re the right fit.

Research Quality Candidates

When considering a company to handle tenant improvements for your space, do your research to make sure you’re finding reputable candidates. If you worked with a commercial broker to secure your space, they can be a great place to start for a recommendation. A good broker is well-versed in commercial construction and has worked with contractors themselves.

It will also be worth your while to thoroughly check reviews from previous clients and customers of the contractor who have made similar tenant improvements.

Interview Potential Candidates

client and commercial contractorOpen, honest communication is incredibly important in any contractor-client relationship. You want to make sure your commercial contractor can communicate well, so you are fully aware of the status of the project at all stages.

When interviewing potential contractors, ask what their usual modes of communication are with their clients, and how they handle communicating issues such as project delays and scope creep to get a good feel for what you may experience working with them. This is also a great time to set the precedent for how often you expect your commercial contractor to communicate with you regarding project status, and how you would like to receive information.

At CPM, we are skilled commercial contractors with years of experience in commercial construction and tenant improvement needs.


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