Everything You Need to Know About Office Remodels

You’ve been thinking about remodeling your office for a while now. Images of elegant, stylish office spaces with standout designs have been floating around in your head, and you just can’t wait to make those dreams a reality.

It’s easy to have your head in the clouds as you consider a major redesign. However, while planning a major commercial construction project, it is important to stay grounded and consider everything.

Before you begin your journey to your new office space, read through this guide to make sure you’ve thought of everything in advance.

Have Crystal-Clear Office Remodel Goals

The first thing you should do is make sure you know exactly why you’re doing a remodel. An office renovation can mean a fresh start for your brand or higher employee productivity, but you could also end up worse for the wear if you fail to incorporate employees and customer needs in the design process.

Depending on your goals, you may need a simple lobby renovation or a complete overhaul of the entire office. Here are some essential questions to ask yourself before you get started:renovation at final stage

  • Are you trying to improve your employees’ productivity with a space that’s better designed to meet their needs?
  • Are you more concerned with company morale or attracting the right kind of customers?
  • Are you planning to rent out your space in the future?

Assess the pros and cons of your existing office as you decide what changes you really need to meet your goals. Make sure you’ve considered all your options, including relocating as an alternative to renovating.

Consider the Added Value of an Office Remodel

Even if it’s not the primary purpose of your renovation, adding value to the office space is a definite perk, and an opportunity you shouldn’t take lightly.

If you lease your space, this may mean that your landlord is willing to help pay for the office renovations. In any case, it is important to work closely with them when considering any renovations in order to get approval and make sure your goals align.

If you own your own office, you may eventually want to sell your space or build a collaborative area for remote workers and freelancers, so think about optimizing your office space for those changes as well. This is a great opportunity to think years ahead and plan for the future.

Explore Unique Design Ideas to Make your Office Functional and Unique

Renovation is more than just new furniture or wall color. Over the years, employee needs and workflows have changed considerably, requiring different things to function properly. Contemporary offices often include open-ended spaces, multifunction rooms, and other design innovations that improve functionality.

As you prepare for an office remodel, think about your employees’ needs. Host a brainstorming session where you ask your employees what features would improve their productivity and comfort in the office. Consider ways to increase collaboration, bring nature into the office, include new technologies, and improve ergonomics.

Remodeling can also be an opportunity to put your company at the forefront with stylish, trendsetting designs. Consider the kind of vibe you want to project when visitors walk in for the first time.

This is your chance to set an immediate tone for both your customers and your employees. Decide which design ideas you think would make the most sense for your company and remodel goals.

Choose a Top-Notch Commercial Contractor

full service general contractor lady Now that you’re clear on your remodel goals and have an idea of which design options could help you meet those goals, you need to find a contractor. This is arguably the most critical step, as your contractor has the power to determine the ultimate success of your remodel.

A good contractor can turn your office wishes into reality in the agreed-upon timeframe, while a bad one may exhibit poor workmanship or have unexplained delays that throw off your own work. Make sure to avoid common mistakes like hiring the cheapest contractor or forgetting to check references.

For many remodels, a contractor alone has all the expertise needed to both design and build a beautiful new version of your office. In some cases, the contractor may partner with another company to provide better expertise in design and other non-construction matters. Talk to the contractor about their services and partners.

If you’re planning a major commercial construction project, you’ll likely need a full-service general contractor to save you time and energy. Whether you need an extensive remodel or are building a new office space from the ground up, a full-service contractor can help from start to finish.

Optimize the Timing of Your Renovation

Make sure to let employees and other building tenants know well in advance that you’re planning to renovate and discuss the impact it may have on their office environment. Your first priority should be transparency and ensuring everyone has time to prepare.

If you’re renovating while your employees are still at work in the building, you’ll need to consider how mess and noise may affect productivity. Consider allowing employees who don’t typically work from home to do so or rescheduling the renovation if weighty business projects are coming up.

Make a customer service plan

Make a plan for how you’re going to maintain excellent customer service throughout the renovation. You’ll likely want to increase your online activity to let customers know what’s going on, keep up relevant signage with details about the remodel, and provide additional ways to get in touch with customer service.

You might even take advantage of the occasion to run a promotion, such as an online sale or celebratory event. If you play it right, you might be able to drive increased revenue during a remodel.

It takes a lot of planning to pull off a renovation without significantly impacting productivity. But if you keep clear on your goals, explore your options, hire a contractor with a good track record, and plan for employees’ needs as well as customer service, you’ll be able to keep work running smoothly.

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