Baekjeong Korean BBQ

Project Description

In spring 2020, CPM engaged with Kijung Hospitality Group to bid the newest Baekjeong Korean BBQ location, going in at the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood, WA, taking over for the now vacant Macaroni Grill space. After initially bidding in 2020, Covid-19 put the brakes on the project while budgets, permitting and lease modifications when into action. Fast forward to fall of 2021 and after a rebid and VE process, CPM was selected as the contractor for this fantastic and exciting new project. We cant wait to bring this 20 year old space back to life with a new concept for the ever growing and expanding development at the mall.

Baekjeong, the Korean word for “butcher,” reflects their commitment to serve only the highest quality meats and offer a truly outstanding Korean cultural dining experience, showcasing the rich authentic flavors and the unique qualities of Korean barbecue. Owned and operated by Kijung Hospitality Group, they opened the first US Baekjeong in Los Angeles in October 2012 and quickly expanded to 7 restaurants in California and New York. 2 additioanl locations in San Jose and Alderwood are coming in spring of 2022, making them the #1 choice for Korean barbecue in North America. From their innovative grill to their nationwide expansion, Baekjeong is widely recognized by leading food critics as the gold standard and industry leader in Korean barbecue.

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7201 sq ft




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