Project Description

This building, located at 2002 Madison Street in Everett, WA is very old and was actually 3 add-ons, at different levels, to the original building. When it was purchased, the original plan for the design was to level the building out, make it plumb and then renovate it into a co-working space. After many revisions and attempts to value engineer the project to stay within the owners budget, CPM finally agreed upon a scope of work that served everyone well.
Our team did a lot of demo and re-framing. The original floor structure wall pulled out so we could add additional footings down below the foundation walls to reinforce the exterior of the building which had begun to sink. After we reinforced the perimeter, we demoed and re-framed the entire front storefront and parapet walls to give the building a current and modern look. Inside the space, everything was ripped down the sheer walls, and from there, the entire building was rebuilt. Every square inch was touch and upgraded in some shape or form. This space now consists of large open work spaces, provate offices, 2 restrooms, a large kitchen area, plenty of storage and phone booths for private phone conversations.


Everett, WA


3697 sq ft




Gnat Nychat Architecture