Gaia Organic Juice Bar

Project Description

CPM was reached out to by this client in early 2019. Owners Gabriella and Alex Toner had aspirations of opening this organic juice bar to help bring healthy options to the market place. They had a commercial space picked out, a concept layout and a dream. CPM picked the project up at that point and carried it through to the finish line. We worked hand in hand with the design team and helped bring their vision to life. This space started as an empty shell that the landlord had sat on for years and we were able to help complete the landlord shell work in conjunction with the teants build out, all the while keeping it within a realistic budget. We are pretty proud of the end result and can’t wait to show it off!

Ingredients are the foundation of what we eat and what they make at Gaia! When cooking or buying something pre-made stop looking at calories and start looking at ingredients! It is the macro and micronutrients like proteins, carbs, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals that count. Ask yourself this, is 100 calories of Oreos and 100 calories of vegetables the same thing? Nope! Same calories, totally different set of ingredients and nutrients and each will do completely different things to your body. Everything sold at Gaia has the highest quality ingredients you can find, put together in the tastiest (and prettiest) way imaginable, combining health and happiness/satisfaction.

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1083 sq ft




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