Lashfullee + MXC

Project Description

One of CPM’s repeat landlord customer’s brought a great tenant to their attention, who was in need of a GC for their beauty salon build out.

Sandra Lee is not Your Average Lash Tech. Experience the Lashfullee difference! It is more than just lashes. It is a luxurious lifestyle that enhances your natural beauty for a more confident you. Time is money! Save your time in the mornings and say ”I woke up like this” with effortless styling morning routines with slayin’ brows & lashes from Lashfullee!

Maya Sanchez and Candice Sibal launched MXC Luxury in summer of 2020, bringing 2 expert hair dressers together to form a powerful and unbeatable combo.


To check out both businesses, you can find them below:










2820 sq ft




Jackson | Main Architecture