Rainier Title

Project Description

CPM has a facilities maintenance branch which serves us well when the clients who’s properties we
manage eventually need to do a remodel or a new tenant moves in and needs tenant
improvements. This project is a classic case of that exact scenario. CPM has been servicing the old
Bank of Everett tower building in downtown Everett for many years. Rainier Title already inhabited
a smaller space on the back side of the first floor. When the bank actually moved out, it left the
largest, most accessible space in the entire building up for grabs. They negotiated a new lease and
didn’t even consider contacting any other contractor to build out their space for them. Needless to
say, it was a perfect match and the end product is a direct result of that relationship.

You can check them out here:


Everett, WA


5673 sq ft




Nelco Architecture, Inc.