Suds Pet Bathhouse and Spa

Project Description

CPM completed Bothell’s newest pet spa, Suds Pet Bathhouse and Spa! What makes this woman-owned business unique is their value on sustainable business practices and their use of sustainable building materials, and natural and organic products. Founder, Susan Newsom, believes that “Pet grooming is essential to pet health and to the health of humans sharing the same household”. Her passion is to provide services and education that promote good health and minimize the impact on the earth so both the pets and owners can live happy, healthy, long lives together.

“Professional grooming provides immediate relief and essential skin and coat management for pets. Excessive loose hair and dander can serve as allergens for humans with sensitivity issues impacting human health and comfort; this can be exasperated with increased exposure as families spend time indoors with pets.”

This upscale spa offers a fun environment to clean, style, and nourish pets to help them look and feel their best. In addition to all of their products being natural and organic, their services are unique in that they are “express” with no cage drying to limit the pet’s time in the spa.

Suds employs sustainable business practices to protect our planet. They have made careful decisions on building materials that are upcycled and recyclable with low VOCs, lighting fixtures and appliances are energy efficient and timers and sensors are used throughout the spa so that energy is only used where and when needed. There are five bath tubs so water usage can be high; and a tankless water heater with a recirculating pump is utilized so that water is heated on demand and tub temperatures can be regulated for client safety.

Due to the restrictions of covid-19, the construction of this space had to be put on a temporary hold until Governor Inslee allowed construction to re-start. After speaking with the owner, she shared that the unique advantage to opening amidst this pandemic is that because many pet owners were desperate to get their pets groomed, they were able to avoid the long waitlist at other competitors by visiting Suds during their opening weeks, making for a successful launch of this new business.




1845 sq ft