Umpqua Bank Home Lending Office

Project Description

Umpqua bank was started as South Umpqua State Bank back in 1953, in Oregon. They have grown a lot since then, but their values have stayed as strong as their roots. They believe in the power of community. They believe in giving back. And they believe that when it comes to banking, people should always come first. Those are all values that align so well with CPM, which is why Umpqua was a perfect partner to work with.

This Umpqua Bank Home Lending Office is located in the old Everett Bank Tower building, in downtown Everett, WA. We have done many¬† TI’s and continue to perform facilities maintenance from the building owner and property management company over the past decade. However, unlike most projects we price, we were interviewed and chosen upfront before we ever priced a thing in this space. That means this project was purely based on a relationship, something we strive to accomplish on every job.

When it came to creating a space that worked well for their clients, Umpqua spared no wasted space or finish to really make this home lending office feel warm, trendy and inviting. The entire ceiling assembly was ripped out and redone to leave as an exposed ceiling system. New floating ACT clouds with lighting was added over work areas to give a really cool look and to help with sound mitigation. All offices and both conference rooms were outfitted with new aluminum door and relight assemblies. Custom casework at reception and in the break room helps to keep the PNW vibe going. The HVAC, electrical and low voltage systems were rebuilt from scratch and our personal favorite touch is the top of the line audio system that is controllable in every room. Completing this space makes us want to go buy homes, if that means we get to hang out here often!


You can find this lending office here for more information and to make an appointment:


Everett, WA


2193 sq ft




TVA Architects, Inc.