Westside Pizza – Snohomish

Project Description

CPM was introduced to Westside Pizza Corporate back in 2020 through a broker realtionship. AS they continue to grow and expand in the PNW they wanted to find a commercial GC who could partner with them and their new franchisees on site selection, design, pricing and eventually building out their new locations. No better way to start this process than a location their our backyard of Snohomish. We are able to bring an architect and design/build MEP subs to the table to help this franchisee get their store open. Needless to say, we are beyond happy for the end result, the franchisees love their new space, and the pizza is a new hometown favorite!

The Founding Fathers of Westside Pizza originated in Colville, Washington back in 1996. While they didn’t have a lot of money, they made up for it with a zealous work ethic and a passion for pizza. They came together to bring delicious pizza to the masses by using quality ingredients and freshly made dough. They were able to accomplish all this while working on a shoestring budget.

After opening over 40 locations throughout the Pacific Northwest, they still remain true to our roots. They desire to help other hard working, passionate pizza people reach their goal of owning and operating their own pizzeria, regardless of how deep their pockets are. This is why they pride themselves on keeping their upfront fees and ongoing royalties to about half of the industry standard.


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1285 sq ft




SCR Architects