Zion Lutheran School Locker Rooms

Project Description

Zion is located about a 10 minute drive from the CPM office. It has a reputation as one of the better private schools in the area. However, the facility was built in the 70’s and was in great need of some TLC. A few of CPM’s employees have children and extended family who attend the school so there was a personal connection which inevitably led to CPM being asked to participate in facility upgrades. The need to improve and refresh these locker rooms was not only a desire of the school but also an opportunity for other enrolled families to participate by donating funds to the cause. After enough funds had been raised, a design was put forth and CPM went to work. Both men’s and women’s restrooms we updated with a new clean look, the back locker rooms were properly separated from the front bathrooms, to be used for the schools growing athletic program, and the unused remaining portion of the locker rooms were walled off to create new storage, complete with its own entrance. Needless to say, the faculty, student body and their families can now enjoy and use the greatly improved facilities for decades to come. CPM loves having the ability to partner with local organizations, especially ones that have an educational impact on the next generation of our community!


Lake Stevens, WA


1596 sq ft




DM7 Design